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  Frankie Fed’s Dinner Specials
New England Clam Chowder                    Soup Du Jour
Arugala Ensalada
Fresh baby arugala, topped with sliced tomatoes, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella cheese, accompanied with a side of homemade basil vinaigrette. $11.95
Naples Rollantine
Our homemade eggplant stuffed with creamy seasoned ricotta three cheese blend & prosciutto, baked to perfection with our famous pink vodka sauce. $9.95
Chicken & Shrimp Bianca
Jumbo shrimp & Chicken sautéed with fresh tomato, basil, artichoke & broccoli in a light scampi style sauce with a touch of pecorino romano cheese, tossed with rigatoni pasta. $23.95
Chicken Montesano
Chicken sautéed with mushrooms and baby spinach, then simmered gently in a delicious sundried tomato basil pesto cream sauce. Tossed with penne pasta. $21.95
Frankie’s Summer Pizza
Our delicious thin crust pie topped with mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, diced balsamic marinated fresh tomatoes, basil, onions and garlic.
Individual $14.95              Small $18.95 Large $21.95
Our GLUTEN FREE crust pizza is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Although we take every precaution, customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgement in consuming this pizza.